John is committed to bringing RESULTS to the city of Jackson, and he has a plan to get it done!

Restore Trust

The relationship between government and the people it serves is a sacred bond which requires trust and honesty. You are entrusting us and in return we will be open and honest with you.

  1. Audit the city’s books to see how we are spending your tax dollars and where cuts can be made to eliminate wasteful spending.
  2. Audit the Water Department to address the internal issues that prevent you from receiving an accurate and timely bill.
  3. Request the State Auditor’s assistance in going over every dollar brought in and moved out of the City of Jackson.

Educate Our Children

Our schools are our most valuable resource in building a stronger city. If we are serious about improving the areas of economic development and crime, we need to start with helping our schools create a learning environment that fosters excellence.

  1. Advocate for full funding of Jackson Public Schools.
  2. Work within our power to ensure our schools have qualified leadership on the school board that supports and encourages input from principals, teachers, and parents.
  3. Galvanize and leverage the business community and other stakeholders in helping meet the needs of our schools – – state funding should not be an excuse for us not to work together and do what is necessary for our children to be successful.

Secure Our Neighborhoods

The safety of our community is a priority for all Jacksonians. In addition to routine policing, we will focus on root causes that will challenge the way we look at crime, and how we fight crime.

  1. John Horhn secured $500,000 study from the legislature to find new methods of policing to fight against and reduce crime. It’s time we implement the suggestions of the Capital City Crime Study and begin dismantling the institutional barriers that perpetuate the cycle of crime.
  2. Ensure that violent and repeat offenders are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they commit a crime in our city.
  3. Securing Federal Funds for Public Safety Initiatives that fund more police and modern technology that are valuable tools that help keep our community safe.
  4. Create Private Public Partnerships to Address Public Safety Need – Develop a “Jackson Merits” program the City of Jackson and private citizens and stakeholders work together to develop programs that reward our city’s youth for contributing towards the improvement of their community with good deeds.

Utilize Our Assets

Our most valuable assets are our citizens.  We will organize our churches and our faith based community, our non-profit community organizations, developers, city employees, and all stakeholders who want to see a better Jackson.

  1. Work with community organizations, neighborhood associations, and non-profits to clear the blight around the City of Jackson.
  2. Empower city employees to do their job; changing the culture to one of excellence and renewed focus on customer service.
  3. Create an open door policy, where the citizens of Jackson can get direct access to our administration to address your problems, concerns, and questions about how we are providing service to you.

Leverage Our Resources

Jackson will be the place for opportunity under a John Horhn administration. We will work with developers to rebuild downtown, restore our neighborhoods, and bring back retail and commercial development.

  1. Leverage our location and proximity to the Healthcare corridor to create economic development opportunities that create jobs and new industries along the corridor.
  2. Work beside work federal delegation, to ensure the City of Jackson receives its fair share of the $1 Billion dollars the EPA has made available for infrastructure projects.
  3. Build and Effectively Utilize a registry of commercial and retail zoned properties to promote to businesses looking to start, expand, or relocate into the City of Jackson.

Tackle Our Infrastructure and Water

For years we have suffered from potholes, water main breaks, sinkholes, and boil water notices. It’s time to address the problems head on; not place the burden on the backs of our citizens.

  1. Audit the city’s water department to address billing, usage charges, and usage concerns.
  2. Ensure that every dollar of the 1% Sales Tax is accounted for and used quickly.
  3. Leverage our relationships with state and federal entities to receive alternative funding sources to fund our infrastructure issues.

Strengthen Our Capital City

As we look ahead to addressing the issues the city faces, we will unite the city understanding that we are stronger together. We build bridges, not throw stones.

  1. We will overhaul the bidding process for city contracts, adding more transparency and ensuring that Jacksonians get priority in the process.
  2. Create green spaces and revitalize city parks making Jackson a truly livable, walkable city.
  3. Update JATRAN bus lines and hours of operation to ensure that ALL Jacksonians have access to ALL areas of our city.